Keller Williams Kids Can offers “QUANTUM LEAP” in Belize

Belize San Pedro KWKC Quantum Leap Class

International Guest Instructor, Margot Weatherford teaches “QL: World Changers” Belize.

Keller Williams Kids Can provides a rare opportunity for a group of 18-24 year olds on the Island of Ambergris Caye Belize. This is one of the first ever courses taught outside of the United States giving these young adults of Belize an amazing opportunity to learn what drives success and how they can set themselves up for a life by design.

This group of 35 young adults is getting a front row seat literally to decades of proven concepts that have been consolidated and packaged just for their age group. This course is providing a great start for these World Changers to learn how to live intentionally and drive the success of their own dreams. The class called Quantum Leap: World Changers will take this group through setting their personal vision and mission statements as well as defining their personal set of values that will guide them throughout their life. Everything in life is a decision and KWKC wants to teach each participant how to make good decisions by teaching them the science of success.

This is the first course of many envisioned to be taught to our young people of Belize. Keller Williams Belize Realty is committed to having a positive impact on our communities throughout the country of Belize. We are so proud of these young adults that took the time out of their weekend to believe in themselves and take the steps to understand their personal passions. It is a blessing to be part of another person’s journey to become the best version of themselves.

There are many sponsors that made this class, materials, food and much more available so these participants could just show up and learn. For that Keller Williams Belize Realty thanks all who participated and supported this important event.

Special thank you to instructor Margot Weatherford, coordinator of the event Kate Corrigan and Macarena Rose Operating Principle of Keller Williams Belize.


The Philosophy of this program: KWKC believes that life is an “inside to the outside experience”. Translation – what shows up in your physical world begins with your thoughts.

With that in mind, it is important to teach our 18-24 year olds referred to as “WORLD CHANGERS” these skills:

kwkc_kwkidscare_greenTeach our World Changers about mind-set and intentional living!

Teach our World Changers how to make good decisions!

Help our World Changers unearth their personal mission and set goals!

Share proven success models with our World Changers!

Give our World Changers tools to leverage for their own success!

Empower our World Changers to live a life to its absolute fullest!

So what is KWKC anyway?

What is KWKC