Buy Belize Real Estate, Retire in Belize, and experience living in Belize while enjoying a healthy lifestyle
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Its time to Buy Belize Real Estate and take advantage of securing your retirement, vacation, or rental investment now. Retire to Belize and enjoy living in Belize while finally experiencing a natural and healthy lifestyle

The word is getting out that this small country has a lot to offer and still remains full of opportunities for those wishing to go offshore and invest in International Real Estate.

Belize is made up of many different nationalities of people, which make it the perfect retirement or investment haven for all to enjoy.  Whether you are a water baby or a rainforest retreat kind of personality, Belize has something for all.

Made up of a varied ecological environment, Belize is home to many species of animals, fauna, trees and plants that produce some of the most delicious fresh foods. The open-air markets are fabulous and fun to enjoy. No more radiated or waxed fruits and vegetables that are picked way to early in their development for flavor. If you really want to know what a pineapple is suppose to taste like or even a salad, come to Belize and get your food from the market. People flock in from all over the areas of Belize to sell and trade their goods. Even the local restaurants shop at the markets early in the week for their supplies throughout the week. So unlike going to a restaurant that will serve you food that just came out of a plastic bag, the Belize restaurants are the representation you find in some areas of the world where it is now fashionable to use local resources for food prospecting and consumption.

You can live a very healthy lifestyle in Belize eating the local fish and meats such as chicken and pork that are free range, not fed with antibiotics or hormones, and are fresh. There is a totally different flavor to food left to its natural growth and healthy lifestyle. This goes for meats, fruits and vegetables.

Now you can still find some of your most favorite processed foods from other parts of the world in Belize, but just understand that some will carry a higher price than you might be use to especially if that food or beverage is made in your home country. Duty prevails and this expense is passed on to the consumer much like the rest of the world’s economies.

Eat local, be healthy, relax, and enjoy your life in Belize!