Visiting Belize to Search and Buy Belize Real Estate

When getting prepared to come to Belize and buy Belize Real Estate, there is a process that we have found to be very successful.

1. Work with one of our Realtors to prepare for your adventure.

2. Decide which dates are best for you to travel to Belize and get on the Rainforest Realty Showing Calendar. Make sure you do this in as much advanced notice as possible as the calendar fills up and so does the accommodations given the time of year.

3. Work with your Realtor to map out a logistics plan for your visit.

  1. Do you need a shuttle from the airport or are you going to rent a car?
  2. What type of accommodations are you wanting during your visit to Belize?
  3. What are the property amenities and price range that you will want your property tour to reflect?
  4. What areas are you thinking you might like to visit while searching property in Belize?
  5. What type of property are you wanting when you buy Belize Real Estate?
These are just a few of the questions that you will need to work with your Realtor on in order to make sure your visit is successful and meets your goals for purchasing property in Belize.
4. Make sure you sign up for the Buyers Agent ProgramRainforest Realty will represent you in your property purchase in Belize. This programs ensures that you have a Realtor working on your behalf no matter what listing you purchase in Belize. Additionally you will have access to all our resources for moving to Belize, Banking in Belize, the Qualified Retired Persons Program (QRP), Rental Property in Belize, Hotels and Resorts in Belize, Belize Regional Airlines and Rental Cars and much more.