Belize Real Estate Testimonial Jim with his new Belize Birds

Belize Real Estate Testimonial

Sally and Jim Thackery

“When my husband and I first visited Belize in December, we had no idea we would be relocating within six months and living in Belize! Although we were looking for a more simple life, with less of a “Gizmocracy” that required wireless gadgets or a remote control to function and computers that answered all business phones, we didn’t realize we would consider moving to another country….until we found Belize. After many hours of discussion and three months of online research, it was time for another visit to see what kind of property would fit our needs and financials. Since the mountains were appealing to us, we began contacting agencies in the Cayo District. Amazingly, everything seemed to fall into place after we found Rainforest Realty. The staff not only seemed like family to one another, but also to us in a very short timeframe. It is a daunting task looking for a new home, especially one in an unfamiliar, foreign country, but the personal interest and genuine care we received from Rainforest Realty helped us make our decisions. Before our arrival, we emailed ten properties we wanted to see, and the guidance of the staff narrowed those down to places that were viable for us. We expected the process to take months, if not at least a year, but we were able to choose three properties for consideration after this visit. We decided on our top choice, made an offer on that property and Macarena had our acceptance in a matter of days.  Our closing was in around 45 days. She has solid connections with very efficient people and companies in Belize, so everything was handled in a comfortable and professional manner. A big part of getting our dream home was that the staff was able to listen to what we were looking for, peruse the listings we had submitted to them that were of interest, and discuss each one before we spent the time to actually look at them. Sometimes website listings can be deceiving, but they helped us spend our time efficiently, while setting up any and all properties we were interested in seeing. Rainforest works with other agencies, so you are not restricted to properties just on their site. You can be comfortable in knowing that Macarena and staff want you to find a place that will make you happy in Belize, rather than just selling a property. To us, Belize consists of friendly, happy people who actually enjoy their work and lives; beautiful beaches, mountains and jungle areas that enhance our interests in birding and gardening; more time  to enjoy our interests (previously spent on constant follow-up on even simple tasks, sitting in traffic or being ‘on hold’ waiting for often hostile assistance); little to no taxes; little to no intrusion of the government into daily lives; low cost of living; and an overall happier and healthier lifestyle. Thank you Rainforest Realty for helping us discover our new life. We have never looked back!”
Sally and Jim Thackery - Arkansas, USA