Touring Belize on Ambergris Caye

Belize Quick FAQs


1. Foreign investment is encouraged in Belize

2. There are no property restrictions in Belize. You can add any type of structure on your property.

3. You can own property in any part of Belize. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning property on the Ocean or other water ways.

4. Property Taxes are very modest in Belize

5. You can reach Belize by Air in two hours or less from Miami, Florida, Houston Texas, New Orleans, LA – Makes if very easy to get back and forth to North America

6. Belize first Language is English so no need to learn a foreign language to live in Belize. This fact makes Belize truly a lateral move.

7. You only have to be 45 years old in Belize to Retire utilizing the Qualified Retired Persons Program. Rainforest Realty provides the service for application to this program. Contact us for a fee schedule for this service.

8. US Dollar is accepted throughout Belize so no need to do the money exchange. The exchange rate is 2 Belize Dollars for every 1 US Dollar. Note when paying in US Dollars, you will receive your change in Belize Dollars.

9. Yes, you can use your ATM card in Belize if you have a Global card. Foreign fees will apply based on your home banking requirements.

10. Medical Service are available in Belize. There are both Public and Private Hospitals. Most significant procedures will be performed in Belize City Medical Centers.  Belize has some very good Doctors and Dentist. You will also find Pharmacies in Belize that are very complete. However if you have a specific Medication you require daily, call a head to make sure your prescription is available in case you run out of your own medicine while in Belize. Healthcare is very affordable in Belize as compared to the USA.

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