Photo Gallery for Popular Areas of Belize


Belize Xunantunich RuinsClick here to see where Belize is located. Belize has 6 districts making up the country. There is a district called the Belize District that sometimes confuses people because they do not know enough in the beginning of their research to know that the Belize District is also an area of Belize. What makes the Belize District most popular is the cayes are included in this district. So the island of Ambergris Caye that has the famous town of San Pedro is an example of a caye in the Belize District.

The most popular areas for expatriates are in this order. Ambergris Caye Island, the Cayo District mostly San Ignacio Town area, and then Placencia. There are other parts of Belize that are attractive to expats which is the beauty of Belize. Belize has something for everyone. It is a small country, however each area offers its own diversity. So it is not so much about what is popular when it comes to choosing your retirement destination, it is really about you and what you gravitate to and your vision of what is important to you in your retirement.

If you are looking for an investment property such as to have a business, then you will need to consider other factors in your research.

This is how Rainforest Realty helps you the most as your Buyers Agents. We will help you find the area that is right for you based on your vision not ours. We can help you with any property in Belize hence the term Buyers Agent and when you enter into the Buyers Agent program, you get this level of service. Read more here about what a Buyers Agent is and what that level of service can do for you. Then contact us and sign up for the service.

Ambergris Caye Belize

See the magnificent views of Ambergris Caye Island in Belize Central America. San Pedro Town is one of the most popular towns for Expats in Belize. You will also enjoy the largest living Barrier Reef in the world. Diving on Ambergris Caye is amazing and should not be missed whether you are a scuba diver or like it on top of the water as a snorkeler.

San Ignacio Town Belize Aerial Views

See the views of San Ignacio Town Belize from one of the highest points in town. Discover the beauty of the surrounding mountains and rainforest of Belize. Visit two of the most popular ruins just minutes from downtown San Ignacio Belize. Discover what expats in Belize are enjoying everyday living in Belize.

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