Cost of Living in Belize

Looking to relocate to Belize and need to understand the overall affordability of living in Belize?

Living in Belize is an amazing adventure but finding out the information you need to help make the preliminary decisions are somewhat challenging. Since this question has come to us on hundreds of occasions from our clients, we decided to add this common question to a report and save you the time and effort of trying to understand through hours of internet research how much you should actually budget for living in Belize.

This report offers both the cost of living in the island and coastal communities as well as an example of living inland. One can take this example budget and make it their own depending on their personal goals for their life style they want to live in Belize. There is no one size fits all budget, however there are basic electric, gas, water etc. cost at the basic level. So use this report as a guideline and adjust if for your personal needs. It will give you a good idea of what to expect while living in Belize.

Belize Report : Cost of Living in Belize


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This report will help you to understand the cost associated with living in Belize.Whether considering living on the islands, coastal communities or Inland communities, it is important to understand the basic cost of living in Belize.

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There is no doubt that people living in Belize can either reduce their quality of life and therefore their cost of living or increase their quality of life which usually translates to a bit more expense in cost of living in Belize. The purpose of this report is to give you basic information that will help you determine what you will need while living in Belize and how best to define your own personal budget for living in Belize. Quality of life is relative and a very personal decision. Belize offers an opportunity for most to enjoy a larger quality of life than they may be able to enjoy in their home countries.

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