NAR Realtor MemberBelize Real Estate Website Tutorial

Searching Belize Real Estate can be overwhelming. Rainforest Realty has a website that allows you to narrow down your search using the search box on the Rainforest Realty Website Homepage. You can always find this search box no matter where you are on the website by clicking on the Rainforest Realty logo on the top left of the website. This will take you back to the homepage where you can start your search again if desired.

Additionally, you may want us to tell you when Belize Real Estate that interest you has become available. You can set your own category criteria here : Set up my Belize Real Estate Categories Now

On this link, you will be able to tell us what types of Belize Property that you want to receive additional information on. You can also elect to receive our Belize Newsletter that will tell you about what is happening in Belize, Relocation tips, and general information about Belize.

Important : You need to check ALL categories that you are interested in if you want to receive the information. Also make sure you check your timing too for your purchase because we will sent out time sensitive information and you will want to make sure you click the appropriate timing so that you get the information that pertains to your personal situation.

In addition to searching Belize Real Estate listings on your own, you can also elect to sign up for the Belize Buyers Agent program. Click here for more information : Belize Buyers Consultant Program

This program ensures that you have an International Realtor working on your behalf. This means helping you find the property that is “right” for you with your needs at the center of the process. Your Buyers Agent Realtor will assist you through the entire Belize Real Estate Purchasing process making sure your interest are protected.

Enjoy the website. We look forward to assisting you in purchasing your personal paradise in Belize.