Belize Keller Williams RED DAY TEAMKeller Williams Belize REDDAY at Macal River Park  San Ignacio Town

Keller Williams Belize celebrated their grand opening event at the San Ignacio Hotel. Read about the Grand Opening here: KWBelize Grand Opening.

The celebration also included a community service event called REDDAY. This event took place the morning after the Grand Opening at the Macal River Park in downtown San Ignacio.

Keller Williams Belize REDDAY Mayor Earl Trapp and Pandy

Keller Williams Belize REDDAY Mayor Earl Trapp, Pandy & Macarena

The Mayor of the Twin Towns, Earl Trapp, committed to prep the park by having his team repair fixtures in the park and power wash areas of the park that needed to be painted and refreshed.

With many sponsors, Keller Williams Belize Realtors and volunteers from the community and those who had come in from other countries painted and refreshed the park.


Missionaries a HUGE help too!

Keller Williams Belize REDDAY : Mormon Missionaries

Keller Williams Belize REDDAY : Mormon Missionaries

A very special group of missionaries also participated by painting the basketball court and swing sets in the park. This group of missionaries is from all over the world and took time out of their day to come help make a community space so much better for all living and visiting the community to enjoy.
Keller Williams Belize REDDAY : Mormon MissionariesKeller Williams Belize REDDAY : Mormon Missionaries Keller Williams Belize REDDAY : Mormon Missionaries




This group was from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints lead by Mr. Jose Luis Lemus, Missionary Leader in San Ignacio, Cayo District.

Impromptu Visitors from the Children’s Parks Board!

KW Belize RED DAY Children's Town Council Board

KW Belize RED DAY Children’s Town Council Board

We had another special group of visitors for our REDDAY event. This visit from the children’s board was unexpected and a great surprise for our team. The Mayor was taking the children around to each park to do their park audits and assessments of what each park needed for improvement for the children. Turns out there is a children’s board that works along side the town council to help determine what the parks in the community need in order to meet the needs of the children living in the community.

This group of special children have a goal to make sure the parks are sustainable and are working on efforts to make the parks inclusive to children with disabilities. We were very impressed with the representatives of this board as they spoke to us about their goals and objectives and how they go about meeting the children’s needs of the community. It was a nice surprise for both the children and our team as they came around the corner in the bus on their tour and discovered our team touching up the park. We were told that there was a lot of cheering on the bus as the children saw our team painting the park. With that, the Mayor decided to bring the children into the park so we could all meet each other and understand what each group was doing to help the community.



KW Belize RED DAY Team

KW Belize RED DAY Team

KW Belize RED DAY Kelly and Ginny

KW Belize RED DAY Kelly and Ginny

So what is Keller Williams Belize REDDAY?

Introduced in 2009, RED Day, which stands for Renew, Energize and Donate, is Keller Williams Realty’s annual day of service. Each year on the second Thursday of May, associates celebrate Mo Anderson’s birthday by spending the day away from their businesses serving worthy organizations and causes in their communities.

Mrs. Mo Anderson of Keller Williams, currently the Vice-Chairman, has single-handedly cultivated KW’s value system and culture. So RED day was established in her honor as a world-wide community event. Organized to coincide with her birthday May 12th, REDDAY was established and is a very rewarding experience for all who participate.

It is important to the Keller Williams Belize team that we participate in the REDDAY events even though our opening did not align with the normal timeframe the event takes place throughout the world. We still wanted to honor our community by organizing the REDDAY as part of our Grand Opening weekend event.

A special thank you goes out to all who donated time, money or supplies to make this REDDAY event a great success for our San Ignacio Belize Community.

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