What is for Dinner in Belize? 

YUM! Join us in Belize for Dinner in Belize

what-is-for-dinner-in-belize-rice-n-beansWhat is for dinner in Belize : If you are like most people, the most important part of getting to know a country is through its food! So there are beautiful beaches … great, lots of activities…fantastic! But nothing really matters if the food is not to your liking! So come to Belize and taste the Belizean food!

So what is on the menu? First of all, no matter if you go to a local restaurant, are staying at a resort or are invited for dinner at a friend’s house, you will get Rice and Beans. This delicious rice dish is made with kidney beans, garlic, red pepper if you like, onions and herbs all cooked in coconut milk. And even though it is mouthwatering enough to eat it by itself, you are in for additional treats, as this dish comes accompanied by some delicious stew, either of meat or chicken, potato salad and plantains. And the best part is you can have it for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or if you are a real Belizean at heart, for all three on the same day!

Whats for Dinner in Belize NachosBut there are lots of other foods to try as well, like Johnny Cakes, Fry Jacks or Tortillas for breakfast, or enjoy a nice appetizer like conch fritters, ceviche or cheese dip, nachos discover bollos, Dukunu, pupusas, garnaches and panades and if you feel really adventurous order a nice dish of Iguana, Gibnut or Armadillo.

Family Enjoying Whats for Dinner in BelizeSo while my family is very much into savory dishes and main courses, my favorite part of the meal is dessert and I can’t get enough of the Tres Leches Cakes, Lemon Pies, Coconut Tarts or Belizean Fudge, tableta (coconut sweet) and wangla (made of sesame seed and sugar) and of course for the Belizean kids supa (cocoyol) which may be sticky and gooey but very delicious.

Sorreal Juice in BelizeOf course you can’t have all this rich food without something to drink. If you don’t like alcoholic drinks, even though the Belkin beer is delicious and a nice rum at the beach isn’t too bad either, you will find a great variety of fresh natural juices in Belize. One of our favorites is the Sorreal or Jamaican juice made of dried hibiscus flowers that are boiled in water with cloves and panela (unrefined sugar). It is not only delicious but has many health benefits as well, as it is high in vitamins and minerals, helps lower high blood pressure and has powerful antioxidant properties.

If we made you hungry and thirsty don’t hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to answer all your questions about life in Belize, including the best restaurants to try these Belizean dishes. So now What is for Dinner in Belize for you?