belize-september-independence-day-celebrationsSeptember Celebrations in Belize is alway a great time for all!

September in Belize is a month of holidays. 3 weeks of festivities leading up to Independence Day.

Streets are decorated with Belizean flags (Blue, White and Red) and a festive atmosphere prevails as the Nation celebrates its culture and history. Celebrations include the Queen of the Bay Pageant, Carnival Parade, St. George’s Caye Day Citizens Parade, Flag raising ceremony and many other activities.

It kicks off with the national holiday of the battle of St. Georges Caye on September 10th. Music is everywhere and people dancing to the beat of soca and punta in the parades.


belize-september-independence-day-celebrationsSt. Georges Caye

The battle of St Georges Caye between the Spaniards and the British lasted 2 hours and ended with a defeat to the Spaniards and happy British Baymen who were buccaneers and Pirates.

So during the celebrations of this battle, Belizean rum flows and it is said that if you drink before 10:00am you are a pirate and not an alcoholic.


belize-september-independence-day-celebrationsIndependence Day on the 21st of September

All these celebrations lead up to Independence Day on the 21st of September. A British Crown Colony since 1862, Belize was declared an independent nation from on September 21st, 1981.

Party time knows no end with proud flag waving people and the Belizean flag is displayed on the cars, business counters and lining the streets. The music plays on and dancing and colorful parades everywhere.

Thrown into the mix is a Carnival, which traditionally was held on the middle Saturday but has been held on other days which boosts the vibrant celebrations and accentuates the lovely whimsicalness of Belize.

All is fair in Love and Party time.

belize-september-independence-day-celebrationsThere is a competition every year for a Theme song .The various winning theme songs through the years acknowledge the overwhelming pride of its people and include songs like “Belize Fi All Ah We” is Kriol (the language spoken throughout Belize) and means – Belize For All of Us, “We are Belize, Strong and free”, “United and Proud – Moving Forward – I Am Belize”, “Belize Dah Mi Country”, “Many faces, Many dreams, One Goal –Celebrating Belize”, “Belize in you, Belize in Me, Land of the Free” and last year’s winning Patriotic song : “Da Belize eh Deh” meaning …………………………………
Crank up the music, dance for Belize, and let the Party begin……

Set off the fireworks!!