Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion

Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion

Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion Training

Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion Training

Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion Friends

Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion Friends

Keller Williams Mexico Cocktail Hour

Keller Williams Mexico Cocktail Hour

A Special Invitation to Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion

There are those times in our lives, that we are touched by the kindness of others raising our “Feel Good Vibes” ! One of those times was attending the 2016 Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion in Queretaro, Mexico.

Keller Williams Mexico (KW Mexico), is the Mexico region of Keller Williams Realty Worldwide. After successfully launching Keller Williams in the country of Mexico, they have again been successful at hosting the first ever Family Reunion for the Mexico region. Family Reunion is an event where KW Realtors and invited guest come together to celebrate and fellowship while learning the current state of the business, business techniques for growth and personal growth through educational activities.

It was important for me, personally as the Operating Principle (OP) of Keller Williams Belize, to have the opportunity as an Invited Guest of KW Mexico to share this educational opportunity being offered in Spanish with Glendy Bautista Delcid. (See video introducing Glendy)

Glendy, started volunteering in our Belize office years ago, when we sponsored her thru College attending the University of Belize. After graduating, Glendy decided to stay on with the Rainforest Realty Keller Williams Team. As Glendy does not yet have her USA Visa, she has not had the terrific benefit of travelling to Family Reunion or Mega Camp to see 1st hand our Keller Williams Culture alive and well on a grand scale!! So this was a perfect opportunity for Glendy to experience Family Reunion in Mexico.

Like Keller Williams Mexico, Keller Williams Belize Region celebrated our Grand Opening recently. We are honored to be part of the Keller Williams Worldwide Family and share in Keller Williams Mexico’s milestone of launching their first ever Keller Williams Family Reunion.


Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion Glendy first Plane Ride

Glendy’s First Plane Ride

Keller Williams Mexico Conference

Keller Williams Mexico Conference

Keller Williams Mexico & KW Belize are Family !!

KW Mexico & KW Belize are Family !!

Traveling to Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion

So, I booked our flight, which was the easy part of our trip to Mexico. Our adventure began with a 3.5 hour drive to the Belize border and into Chetumal Mexico. From there we flew 2 plus hours to Mexico City. Our last leg of our trip was a bus ride of 2.5 hours to Queretaro! Finally we made it.

How touched I was from the moment we arrived. We were picked up by Lorena and Jorge Carbonell (Regional Director of KW Mexico) and bestowed with gifts from Mario Aviles (OP of Mexico), Barbara Gaxoet and Teresa Anderson. What gracious KW Mexico Family! Then we met in person the lovely Sophia Nieto, who was seamlessly seeing that all went smooth for everyone attending KW Mexico Family Reunion.

What was lovely to see, was how Glendy had the opportunity to experience how our KW Family is so far reaching and how TRUE it is that we are family! The fact that Spanish is my first language, made this event possible for me to attend and understand that the gift for Glendy to see this first hand was so precious. It was a valuable experience for Glendy both personally and professionally. It was heart warming for me personally, to get to introduce her to my friends over the years like, Bill Soteroff and Barbara Gaxoet.


The Challenge!

The Give Back Challend Keller Williams Belize Team

Glendy, Macarena, Ginny, Gwido & Kelly


Keller Williams Mexico Family Reunion Event

KW Belize Operating Principle Macarena Rose

Now let me fast forward to the final event called the Inspirational Morning , held in the Teatro Metropolitano en el Queretaro Centro de Congresos. Here we heard inspirational stories and more about KW Culture alive and well in Mexico. I stepped out of the large event, to powder my nose (as you can still hear the presentation outside in the halls), when all of a sudden I hear, “ Macarena Rose – OP of Belize- ….”

Yikes !!

I ran back into the Large theatre to see all eyes on me and lovely Teresa Anderson on the stage challenging me to… what ?? Now, again, Spanish being my 1st language, this helps – yet… I had to be sure I heard right??

Yes, I did hear it correctly. The KW Mexico Team challenged KW Belize on the Grand stage during the inspirational event to pay it forward to 3 families in the Belize community.

and.. so here it is my KELLER WILLIAMS MEXICO challenge being fulfilled -….and video taped as promised! See the video at the top of this article.

Thank you Keller Williams Mexico for a great experience at your first of many Keller Williams Family Reunion’s in Mexico.