The Battle of San George’s Caye – 10th Day of September

The Battle of St. George’s Caye is one of Belize’s most important history recorded since 1798. In this part of the year all Belizeans get excited to keep the 10th day of September as it is a Public and Bank holiday. It is a Day to bring back to us a memory of victory, to think about the freedom we have now, and to keep in mind that we were once defended by our strong Baymen.

On 10th of September Belize commemorates a day of victory. In this part of the year Belize is dressed up with its patriotic colors: white, blue, and red. For such a time as this the government gives an open opportunity for schools from edge to edge to come up with a rally. Schools often have their drum bands, pom-pom girls dancing, and even have a float with big stereos playing music on their rally. A very common music played for rallies is The Tenth Day of September by B. F. Abeling.  It is so much fun going out in the streets to see the children celebrating a rally, because you get to hear the drums being played, watch how the pom-pom girls go dancing along to the drum beats, and you get the chance to listen to our songs of victory.  This usually happens a day or two before the 10th of September.  

We celebrate this historical event because we now have freedom and liberty to live in Belize. We know all that about the Spaniards attempting to invade the territory of Belize. Several times the Spaniards attempted to attack the Baymen log wood cutters. However; after every attempt they continuously left the land and never occupied it. Hence, is the reason why the British would come back over and over for log wood with certain boundaries set by the Treaty of Paris in 1793. Until 1796 there was a report of a warlike preparation from Spain for the settlement of the Baymen. It worried the settlers. Therefore they requested a defense help from the Governor of Jamaica. By 1798 there was an immediate war at St. George’s Caye. Last one for all! The Baymen won in the Battle and proclaimed victory for the settlement in Belize.

In the victory of the battle as it was successful it can only bring to our minds that it was no other than a force taken by the strong Baymen. That is a reason for Belize to be proud of them, because they are ancestors of many of our Belizean people. It was only the unruly spirit of the Baymen as a tiny settlement that made them confront the attack.

This empowers little Belize to become greater with the little strength it started with from the start of the British Settlement. We the Belizeans live to see a better Belize knowing why we are here, and who made us a free and proud country of its own kind. It makes me realize that we can fight together to celebrate a victory in our small Belize. That is why every year on September 10th we decorate Belize with its beautiful patriotic colors because it has become a wonderful country in which everyone pasts the best of moments together.

(This narrative of the Battle of San George’s Caye was written by a Belizean native, proud of her country and its battles for freedom.)