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Southern Resort Development on Mullins River

MLS # R301408MR

General Description

This Property is nestled about ½ miles west of Mullins River Village, in the Stann Creek District, Belize. This is an 8.8 acres piece of land favorable for a business due to its proximity of 1 mile to the Caribbean Sea, and 2 miles east of the Coastal Road, with more than 2,000 feet of riverfront. The land was bought in 2008 as total jungle and since 2009 it has undergone some developments. The first major improvement on the land was to create some paths without clear cutting. Roads have also been put on the property with very few trees being removed. The idea for the development was a (5) 4 room Cabana Resort. It now consists of Cabana #1 with 4 rooms and Cabana 2 is almost complete. Since December of 2008, power and water have become available at the property.


The rooms in Cabana 1 consist of their own full bathroom except for room 2. Room 1 is adjoined with room 2 in Cabana 1 as is the case for the other 2 rooms in the same cabana. This can be appropriate for families that seek adjoining rooms. In addition, the cabana was built 6 feet off the ground, to better capture the overwhelming breeze, to discourage insects or animals from entering and to protect from possible flooding from the occasional heavy rain. Stairs were built on each side, with the south set serving the verandas for rooms 2 & 3, and the north set connecting to the verandas for rooms 1 & 4. Also a septic system was used to service the 3 bathrooms & kitchen drainage needs. A water pipe was run underground from the main village line out by the road and connects to all four rooms of Cabana 1. In 2012, the cost of water from the village line was $15.00 bz dollars a month, with usage up to 1500 gallons (additional fees for anything over that). Electricity was also run underground, from the security shed (where the service entrance is, and meter) to Cabana 1. The breaker box is located in the closet, inside room #1, with a second main breaker for future hookup to Cabana #2.


Cabana #1 has steel reinforced footings, pillars, flooring, and cement blocks for the interior walls. While the outside walls are made of lumber & plywood, due to weight restrictions of the Cantilever design. Zinc corrugated sheeting tops off the roof of the cabana while drywall was used to finish the inside walls and close in the ceiling. Interior floors and all 3 showers in this cabana have ceramic tiles. Sliding windows and hardwood doors have also been installed in the cabana, custom steel security bars for exterior doors and windows have and yard lighting put in place to maximize security.


The steel reinforced cement footings, pillars, and floor of Cabana #2 have been completed, making way for future development.

Other Buildings

Other buildings on the property include a Security shed located near the main road, beside the entrance to the property. This shed houses the electrical service entrance, meter, and main shutoff breaker for the resort side of the property. This building is made out of cement, has 2 windows & 1 door, and is approx. 6×8 feet in size.

A barracks approx. 10’ x14’ in size was built and is currently occupied by the caretaker of the property. This building is made out of lumber and plywood, with 3 windows & 1 door, and a zinc roof. Electricity has been run underground to this building, and a water pipe with faucet provided nearby.

Gravel Deposit

A gravel deposit has been discovered just off the main river, beside the area of the property which has been deepened by an excavator and designated for a boat launch. 60 truckloads of gravel were harvested by deepening the gravel deposit of which some was used for building and the remaining can be used for future development. There is plenty of gravel back in place, as every time it rains, the river deposits more (good potential for possible resale).

Beach Area

In 2011 a beach was constructed; however, due to rapid growth of vegetation and erosion from the river, some TLC is needed to bring this area back to its former glory.

Trees and Garden

Over 100 coconut trees and more than 50 Royal Palms have been planted along the roads and throughout the property, along with some other colorful additions. A garden area was created near the barracks and a dozen or so currently producing banana plants are found there.

General Description

This 27.94 acres parcel is located about ½ miles west of Mullins River Village, 1 mile to the Caribbean Sea, and 2 miles east of the Coastal Road in the Stann Creek District, Belize. It is located on the north side of the main road across from the intended resort property. The land was bought in 2008 as total jungle with the exception of an overgrown citrus grove. Since 2009 it has undergone some developments. At the time of purchase, there was no power, water, or infrastructure of any kind other than the main road to the village. In December of 2008, both fresh water and power became available to the property. This Parcel is divided into two areas, one being the Subdivision and the second being the Farm.


The Subdivision is approx. 8 acres in size, and has been divided into 20 lots varying in size from .25 – .37 of an acre. There is a green space located in the middle, surrounded by a road providing access to each lot. Lot #1 has undergone construction of a bodega for equipment storage accompanied by a 3 piece bathroom (sink, toilet, and shower) to the end of the bodega, and the use of a septic system. A 24×30 foot cement pad and electricity (meter & breaker box @ Bodega) have also been constructed. In addition an 85 foot well has been drilled on Lot #1, with the intentions of providing water to the whole subdivision. An access road was cleared, and continues to be maintained, with a green space in the middle (see subdivision survey map).


Provisional approval was given for the subdivision in 2009 however finishing touches to the access road are needed to get Final Approval. Property taxes are still being appraised based on the parcel being one complete piece (farm/subdivision is $27.95, and resort is $8.80 per year).


The farm area consists of approx. 20 acres, 10 of which is a citrus grove, while the remainder is jungle. The Farm is made up of approx. 200 Orange trees, 30 Grapefruit trees, 6 Cashew trees, 20 Coconut trees, and some banana plants. As stated earlier, the farm was not cared for when it was first bought, however over a period of 3 years it has been cleaned up and is currently producing quite well. The last harvest resulted in a reaping of 800 bags of Oranges, netting a profit of several thousands of dollars.

Provisional approval was given for the subdivision in 2009 however finishing touches to the access road are needed to get Final Approval. Property taxes are still being appraised based on the parcel being one complete piece (farm/subdivision is $27.95, and resort is $8.80 per year).

The idea of this property was to build a total of 20 rooms, a restaurant overlooking the river with attached fitness area, a pool, and a large building that would house the Lobby, a Bar, Gift shop, and banquet room.

The farm was intended to provide produce, a 10 acre area of jungle to build a 9 hole golf course and the subdivision, where family & friends could build at their leisure, would have access to the river via the boat launch.

It was a grand scheme to create a one stop resort, offering a wonderful tropical experience, and bringing badly needed jobs to the area. Unfortunately financing has become limited and there are hopes that someone else sees the vision and possibilities that this property holds.

Please note price for both pieces together is $475,000 US.  However, if sold separately, the 8.8 acre is priced at $300,000 US and the 28 acre is priced at $250,000 US. 

Property Features
  • Development
  • Income Property
  • Riverfront

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