$125,000 USD : Belize Trendy Small Home Carmelita Gardens Santa Familia. 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, with loft space, small air-conditioned office, screened in porch, and beautiful local hardwood floors & cabinetry. Complete with Solar-Power System, Back-Up Generator, Built-In Cistern, and Septic Tank. Contact us today for a showing.
22 Benque Viejo Road
San Ignacio , Cayo District
Phone: Belize Office : 011.501.804.0195 , USA 727.565.1507

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Belize Trendy Small Home Carmelita Gardens Santa Familia


Belize Trendy Small Home Carmelita Gardens Santa Familia

This home is your answer to a desire to live a simple and conscientious lifestyle.

The Solar System allows off-grid living, no utility costs for all amenities such as washer, dryer, water heater, and refrigerator, etc.

The country setting for this home offers a lot of outdoor living with its screened porch and a mere 3 steps from the river for swimming, canoeing and connecting with nature.

Great retirement or rental investment.

Well-built with an eye for detail and a lot of care and attention are all part of the design for this home.

Home is located 20 minutes from 2 big towns: San Ignacio and Spanish Lookout where you can find all amenities such as banks, restaurants, government departments and shops. However, there are smaller villages nearby for supermarkets, country eateries, and greengrocers.

The Home features:

  • One Bedroom / One Bath
  • loft space
  • small air-conditioned office
  • screened in porch
  • beautiful local hardwood floors & cabinetry
  • Solar-Power System
  • Back-Up Generator
  • Built-In Cistern, and Septic [on lot]