Belize Scuba Diving Gear Diving Belize: Hol Chan Marine Reserve 

You know the 1st time my Brother came to visit me in Belize, he was not over the top excited to dive here. Reason being, he lived in the U.A.E. and had the opportunity to dive all over the world.

I reminded him that Belize is well known for their stellar diving and that we have the 2nd largest barrier reef in the world. So, he planned on diving one dive, then we would head inland to where I live.

All I can say, is I wish I had a video camera turned on, when he met my family and I back at the resort, because, he said

 WOW, I have to dive more here ! The diving is AMAZING

Well, so there you have it, I had the chance to say, I told you so, and passed on it.

The U.A.E. based, English Newspaper, The National chose Belize as the SECOND best place in the world to dive!